Tree Management Program

Following the commencement of the Tree Management Program, opinions are understandably divided from within such a large cross-section of Members.

The reason behind this post is not to say The Management of the Club are right and those that don’t agree are wrong, but more so to explain the reasons behind the Program.

In April 2007, an Ecological Advisory Report was undertaken by Lee Penrose, a leading Ecologist in his field and i list below some excerpts from his report:

"There are a number of issues which we discussed during my recent visit to the Club, which i feel will demand attention over the upcoming few years and should therefore be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Here i refer to the management of the existing deciduous woodlands and the control/eradication of rhododendron and laurel and the future management (or removal) of the less appropriate trees such as leylandii."

"The majority (if not all) of the Leylandii provide little in the way of aesthetic or strategic value. Where a hazard is required on the golf course or indeed screening/separation from other areas of the course, then in future years i would recommend utilising a more native species mix including ash, oak, beech, field mapel, hazel etc. in order to re-create the more natural woodlands."

"Trees such as Leylandii or Lombardy Poplar, although quick growing, are short lived and in many situations may appear contrived. They are particularly water demanding and can cause damage to drainage and irrigation systems. These trees, being ’non-native’, generally support less wildlife than the majority of native trees.

The decision to adopt the Program was not one that was taken lightly. Professional opinion was sought and followed for what was felt to be in the best interests of Tehidy Park Golf Club as an ongoing concern.

The above information may well not change your opinion, but i would ask that you at least acknowledge the reasons behind the Program and also to take the time to read the report, which is located within the Greenkeeping and Course Information folder on the notice board.