HSBC Wee Wonders

The HSBC Wee Wonders Championships is a junior golf tournament that gives boys and girls aged five to twelve a way to progress from coaching competitions into competitive golf.

Playing on Par 3 Golf courses, in ‘flag format’, each competitor gets the chance to see how they score against others their age. He or she will have 36 shots to get as far around the course as possible. Where the ball stops, they plant their flag. If they get further than others their age, they’ve won!

About 4500 children are likely to enter this year at about 100 different venues around the UK.  The year group winner at each of these venues goes forward to the regional finals, with the winners of their age group in the regional finals playing at St Andrews in a Grand Final sometime in August.
The only Cornish venue was Trevose Golf Club, where the qualifying rounds were played on Tuesday 27th May.  At that qualifying round, Tom Chapman of Tehidy Park Golf Club was the winner of his age group (9-10 year-olds) and will now go forward to play in the regional finals at Farrington Golf Club on the 29th June.  Tom managed to get almost to the 9th green for his 36 shots.

Tom Chapman – Tehidy Golf Club

Brabazon Trophy – Round 1

A poor day all round for the Cornish representation with only Mike Reynard registering a credible level par round of 72. Ben Westagte recorded a 73 (+1), with Ian Veale & Billy Downing at 75 (+3). Ben Enoch & Nick Gammon 77 (+5).

With 12 players still to complete round one there are 59 players at -1 and better. With only the top 40 & ties surviving the cut after two rounds the Cornish players will need something special if they are to make Sunday, and rounds 3 & 4 !!

Round not completed due to bad weather Rd 1
Par 72        NameClub/Country*CSS 73
Antonelli, DavidFrance 64
Walton, DarrenWoburn 66
Hebert, BenjaminFrance 66
Mackman, MilesBroome Manor 66
Uzzell, StevenHornsea 66
Kaleka, AlexandreFrance 67
Chaudhuri, NeilThe Leicestershire 67
Cutler, PaulPortstewart 67
Lewis, TomWelyn Garden City 67
Gidney, JonathanChurch Stretton 68
Best, AdamCleveland 68
Hutsby, SamLiphook 68
Bey, MathieuFrance 68
Dear, GavinMurrayshall 68
Sagar, AdamKeighley 69
Britton, BillyThe London*69
Adcock, ToddThe Nevill*69
Nixon, MatthewAshton-under-Lyne 69
Cooley, AndrewChobham 69
Johnston, AndrewNorth Middlesex 69
Renwick, DarrenWorthing*69
Baldwin, MatthewThe Royal Birkdale 69
Collins, LukeMendip Springs 69
Prophet, RichardSandwell Park*70
Wolstenholme, GaryCarus Green 70
Kearney, NiallRoyal Dublin 70
Gould, ZachariahVale of Glamorgan*70
Cryer, MatthewCoventry 70
Mivis, ChristopherBelgium 70
Whitnell, DaleFive Lakes 70
Cannon, ChrisEast Sussex National 70
Blaauw, JacquesSouth Africa 70
O’Hanlon, PaulCurragh 70
O’Hanlon, PaulCurragh 70
Shepherd, JakeThe Wisley 71
Perrino, AndreaItaly 71
Bell, MarkShanklin & Sandown 71
Haines, MattRochester & Cobham*71
Bowe, WilliamWorkington 71
Kieffer, MaximilianGermany 71
Novy, MarekCzech Republic 71
Arnold, ScottAustralia 71
Fleetwood, TommyFormby Hall*71
Cossins, CharlieBath 71
Colombo, FedericoItaly 71
Thistleton, MarkHayling 71
Maurits, SvenNetherlands 71
Stewart, TimAustralia 71
Goddard, LukeHendon 71
Newman, RyanBrookmans Park 71
Clarke, JackChelmsford 71
Thuillier, RudyFrance 71
Wright, DarrenRowlands Castle 71
Stevenson, JackGreat Torrington 71
Lando-Casanova, JérômeFrance 71
Henry, ScottCardross 71
Robinson, JamesSouthport & Ainsdale*71
Reiter, BernhardAustria 71
Reiter, BernhardAustria 71
MacAulay, CallumTulliallan 71
Wood, ChrisLong Ashton 72
Palmer, JasonKirby Muxloe 72
Coshan, CoreyFerndown 72
Reynard, MichaelTehidy Park 72
Christie, AlexTyrrells Wood 72
Waugh, PhilipHexham 72
Pigem, CarlosSpain 72
Nielsen, KristianDenmark 72
Smedley, JamesHallowes*72
Sims, JoshCaldy 72
Pepperell, EddieDrayton Park 72
Dubuisson, VictorFrance 72
Bergan, Morten EmilNorway 72
Steiner, JohannesAustria 72
Abbott, JamieFynn Valley 72
Freeman, JamesWorksop 72
Burns, LiamSundridge Park 72
Ferreira, DerikSouth Africa 72
Wootton, AdamSouthfield 73
Ryba, JanCzech Republic 73
Feyaerts, XavierBelgium 73
Havelock, StuartHankley Common*73
Gallagher, JohnSwanston New 73
Westgate, BenTrevose 73
Stuart, SamSt. Anne’s Old Links 73
Robson, ThomasRowlands Castle*73
Vickery, JoeNewport*73
Bertasio, NinoItaly 73
Lopez Lazaro, JohannFrance 73
De Vries, FlorisNetherlands 73
Hemstock, BillyTeignmouth 73
Evans, GarethNorhcliffe*73
Figueiredo, PedroPortugal 73
Roth, JacobDenmark 73
Blizard, RohanAustralia 73
O’Hara, PaulColville Park 73
Gros, SébastienFrance 74
Hodkinson, AdamHallowes 74
McCarthy, PatrickDulwich & Sydenham Hill*74
Young, MartinBrokenhurst Manor 74
Fitzgerald, ScottSouthport & Ainsdale*74
Shadbolt, ThomasMid Herts 74
White, PhilipWells 74
Glaze, OliverThe Kendleshire*74
Smart, HenryWalton Heath*74
Rodrigues, TiagoPortugal 74
Thomas, LukeVale of Glamorgan 74
Curley, CianNewlands 74
Bland, JoeWalsall 74
Lombard, NunzioItaly 74
Horn, JamesNorth Foreland 75
Favata, JoeWoodcote Park*75
Ellis, AndrewSouth Staffs 75
Veale, IanTehidy Park 75
Downing, BillyTruro 75
Keogh, AdamBoston West 75
Berardo, ClémentFrance 75
McNicoll, KierCarnoustie 75
Booth, WallaceComrie 75
Muggeridge, TrevorSouth Africa 75
John, AllenGermany 75
Veijalainen, MiroFinland 75
Veijalainen, MiroFinland 75
Edwards, NigelWhitchurch 75
Pearson, MylesLittle Aston*76
Dubois, EdouardFrance 76
Campbell, LloydRochester & Cobham 76
Burden, TobyHayling 76
Shakespear, AndyFive Lakes 76
Evans, MattRotherham 76
Benz, KenSwitzerland 76
Cachera, VincentFrance 76
Runcie, AdamAbergele 76
D’Incau, NicolasSwitzerland 76
Bonaga, FrancescoItaly 76
Richardson, EdwardRye 77
Chamberlain, JohnCold Ashby 77
Main, MichaelThornton*77
Enoch, BenTruro 77
Martin, StephenRadcliffe-on-Trent 77
Elliott, SeanFrilford Heath 77
Main, AlexThornton 77
O’Callaghan, AaronDouglas 77
Gammon, NickTrevose 77
Glass, AdamCaversham Heath 78
Armitage, MarcusHowley Hall 78
Carlota, JoâoPortugal 78
Sefton, DanielLancaster*78
Sullivan, AndrewPurley Chase*79
Cuartero, EmilioSpain 79
Shufflebotham, JasonPrestatyn 80
Rattansi, RiazWentworth 80
Wattel, RomainFrance 80
Lyons, JosephGalway*80
Strycek, PetrCzech Republic 81
Scholey, NickHenbury 83
Delay-Termoz, MathieuFranceClub News

Brabazon Qualifying – Day 2

Thursday Qualifying Results

More of the Cornish contingent make it through qualifying as Trevose Manager, Nick Gammon records a 71 and Truro duo Ben Enoch & Billy Downing squeeze in with 73’s.

Top 30 and tied to qualify42 Qualify   
Par 72* Denotes U20 GB & I CSS 74 
Elliott, SeanFrilford Heath 641
Bertasio, NinoItaly 672
Gidney, JonathanChurch Stretton 673
Smedley, JamesHallowes 684
Renwick, DarrenWorthing*685
O’Callaghan, AaronDouglas 686
Berardo, ClémentFrance 697
Burns, LiamSundridge Park 698
Senior, JackHeysham*699
Pearson, MylesLittle Aston 6910
Cossins, CharlieBath 6911
Walton, DarrenWoburn 6912
Palmer, JasonKirby Muxloe 6913
Smart, HenryWalton Heath*7014
Cannon, ChrisEast Sussex National 7015
Antonelli, DavidFrance 7016
Gammon, NickTrevose 7117
Black, RhysSherwood Forest*7118
Shepherd, JakeThe Wisley*7119
Goddard, LukeHendon 7220
Delay-Termoz, MathieuFrance 7221
Stevenson, JackGreat Torrington 7222
Bonaga, FrancescoItaly 7223
Sagar, AdamKeighley*7224
Gros, SébastienFrance 7225
Favata, JoeWoodcote Park 7226
Young, MartinBrokenhurst Manor 7227
Coshan, CoreyFerndown*7228
Keogh, AdamBoston West*7229
Downing, BillyTruro*7330
Fitzgerald, ScottSouthport & Ainsdale*7331
Enoch, BenTruro*7332
Martin, StephenRadcliffe-on-Trent*7333
Sefton, DanielLancaster 7334
Lando-Casanova, JérômeFrance 7335
Scholey, NickHenbury 7336
Bland, JoeWalsall*7337
Horn, JamesNorth Foreland 7338
Perrino, AndreaItaly 7339
Christie, AlexTyrrells Wood 7340
Prophet, RichardSandwell Park*7341
Best, AdamCleveland*7342
Povey, GrahamBrickendon Grange 74 
Abadie, FrèdèricFrance 74 
Bradley, MarkBearwood Lakes 74 
Gowers, RobBrokenhurst Manor*74 
Hearn, MichaelChorley 74 
Jones, MatthewBuckinghamshire 74 
Kerbastard, CémentFrance 74 
Stracey, AndrewLittlestone 74 
Sage, AshleySandiway 74 
Fowles, BillyWentworth*74 
Davies, StevenTrevose 74 
Coupland, DaveBoston 74 
Hogan, AndrewNewlands 74 
Wainwright, AdamGainsborough 74 
Dean, NeilMinchinhampton 75 
Newman, PaulBuckinghamshire 75 
Evans, MikeDudsbury 75 
Durnian, CharlesFairhaven*75 
Greenaway, JoshBowood Park 75 
Howard, ChristopherElfordleigh 75 
Bird, MatthewNorthamptonshire County 75 
Hamon, RomanFrance 75 
Beaumont, ThomasSundridge Park 75 
Bartlett, JackWorthing*75 
Kippen, AlexEnmore Park 75 
Mercadier, EmmanuelFrance 75 
Sharpe, OscarMinchinhampton*75 
Brown, RyanWorksop 76 
Canter, LaurieManor House*76 
Evans, ChristopherThe Kendleshire 76 
Churchill, BenjaminDudsbury 76 
Kerr, BenLinks Newmarket 76 
Windsor, AndrewFerndown 77 
White, JoshuaChipstead*77 
Paterson, BenjaminFrilford Heath*77 
Hector, MattFerndown 77 
Lake, DavidKnowle 77 
Carter, RichardLansdown 77 
Bale, JonathanRoyal Porthcawl 77 
Brittan, MaxSaltford*77 
Coleman, JonathanWest Cornwall 77 
Swan, MichaelStoke-by-Nayland*77 
Frazer, JamesPennard 78 
Webber, JamesChannels*78 
Groves, ElliotDunwood Manor*78 
Myers, AdamNorthamptonshire County*78 
Boys, TomRoyal Liverpool*78 
Barnes, JasonChart Hills 78 
Carmichael, TommyEnfield*79 
Charmat, EmmanuelFrance 79 
Little, JonathanHeswall*79 
Collins, BenChart Hills*79 
Purvis, IanSweetwoods Park 79 
Stafford, BenMaxstoke Park 79 
Taylor, BenHexham 79 
Dupuis, RémiFrance 80 
Walton, AshleyFrilford Heath 80 
Mitchell, LiamStoke-by-Nayland 80 
Peyrichou, NicolasFrance 80 
Watts, JamesEast Herts 81 
O’Hagan, ChrisBroadway 81 
Woodhouse, TomEast Devon 81 
Stockwell-Price, AdamWoodlake Park 81 
Underwood, MattWoodlake Park 81 
Wythe, JamesFerndown*82 
Hesketh, TomOakdale 83 
Floyd, MattTruro*DQ 
Gabella-Wenne, ArthurSweden DQ 

Brabazon Qualifying – Day 1

Ian Veale & Mike Reynard survive the first qualifying stage for the Brabazon Trophy. Full list of results below.

Wednesday Qualifying Results


 45 Players on scores of 72 or better qualify
Top 30 & Tied Qualify* Denotes U20 GB & I Par 72  
Name   Club/Country  *CSS 73 
Pepperell, EddieDrayton Park*661
Richardson, EdwardRye 672
Keenan, FarrenSunningdale 683
Hemstock, BillyTeignmouth 684
Campbell, LloydRochester & Cobham 685
Sullivan, AndrewPurley Chase 686
Britton, BillyThe London*687
Waugh, PhilipHexham 698
McCarthy, PatrickDulwich & Sydenham Hill 699
Wootton, AdamSouthfield 6910
Havelock, StuartHankley Common*7011
Mackman, MilesBroome Manor 7012
Fleetwood, TommyFormby Hall*7013
Glaze, OliverThe Kendleshire*7014
Adcock, ToddThe Nevill 7015
Armitage, MarcusHowley Hall 7016
White, PhilipWells 7017
Bowe, WilliamWorkington 7018
Hodkinson, AdamHallowes*7119
Shakespear, AndyFive Lakes 7120
Nixon, MatthewAshton-under-Lyne*7121
Cooley, AndrewChobham*7122
Lewis, TomWelyn Garden City*7123
Clarke, JackChelmsford*7124
Chamberlain, JohnCold Ashby 7125
Stuart, SamSt. Anne’s Old Links 7126
Sims, JoshCaldy*7127
Glass, AdamCaversham Heath 7228
Newman, RyanBrookmans Park*7229
Cachera, VincentFrance 7230
Bell, MarkShanklin & Sandown 7231
Newsome, BenEast Sussex National 7232
Vickery, JoeNewport*7233
Robson, ThomasRowlands Castle*7234
Reynard, MichaelTehidy Park 7235
Wright, DarrenRowlands Castle*7236
Main, AlexThornton 7237
Evans, MattRotherham 7238
Ellis, AndrewSouth Staffs*7239
Rattansi, RiazWentworth 7240
Burden, TobyHayling 7241
Serres, OlivierFrance 7242
Shadbolt, ThomasMid Herts 7243
Main, MichaelThornton*7244
Veale, IanTehidy Park 7245
Hodgson, StiggySunningdale*73 
Hilton, MarkLewes 73 
Jankowski, JamesPotters Bar 73 
Phillips, StuartRoyston 73 
Rusch, BenjaminSwitzerland 73 
King, GaryTyrrells Wood*73 
Harmston, WarrenWentworth 73 
Winer, JackWoolston Manor*73 
MacGregor, RobertKilliow 73 
Richardson, AnthonyGog Magog 73 
Laino, RobertoBedford & County 74 
Campbell, ScottHallowes*74 
Kirwan, RoryKenilworth 74 
MacGregor, AlexanderKilliow 74 
Nicholls, SeanSt. Anne’s Old Links*74 
Brown, StevenWentworth 74 
Coulson, ThomasWest Hove 74 
Loughrey, BenWrag Barn*74 
Clarke, LewisExeter 74 
Harrison, MatthewBurghill Valley 74 
Dunster, JamieThe Worcestershire 75 
Lewis, CraigPrenton 75 
Marshall, DavidThe Worcestershire 75 
Porteous, GarrickBamburgh Castle*75 
McCarthy, NickMoortown 76 
Bozio, MathieuFrance 76 
Kenwright, IanHaydock Park 76 
Tooth, StephenGreat Barr 76 
Legg, GilesFerndown 76 
Harman, BenjaminLetchworth 76 
Shepherd, KarlRenishaw Park 76 
Whitty, StephenSt. Pierre 76 
Macklen, JohnSundridge Park 76 
Farr, OliverLudlow 76 
Cornford, LukeEast Sussex National 77 
Garwood, KevinSurrey National 77 
Hinton, CraigThe Oxfordshire*77 
Boyd, AlexTruro*77 
Turlan, KevinFrance 77 
Corbin, CarlWokefield Park 77 
Smallman, ScottTrentham*77 
Heaton, LeeTandridge*78 
Blow, CraigBuckinghamshire 78 
Simmons, RichardTehidy Park 79 
Lee, StephenNorth Hants*79 
Brace, LiamStoke-by-Nayland*79 
Harris, DuncanShrewsbury 79 
Jones, PaulRoyal Birkdale 80 
Roebuck, WillMentmore 80 
Ruth, GrahamTavistock 81 
Stuart, ThomasSt. Anne’s Old Links*81 
Thommen, NicolasSwitzerland 81 
Pearl, OwenStoke-by-Nayland*82 
Smith, RichardNotts 82 
Bird, SimonBerkhamsted 85 
Lane, StevenThe Worcestershire 85 
Pailler, AnthonyFrance D Q 
Cambis, GuillaumeFrance Retired 
Smith, JamesStratford-on-Avon*W Drawn

County Championship – Day 5

Quarter Final Results

Phil Weaver bt Peter Darlington 1up

Jon Coleman bt Ian Veale 1up

Rob Cook bt Richard Simmons 2/1

Richard Ackland bt Sam Cullen 2/1

Semi Final Results

Phil Weaver lost to Jon Coleman 6/5

Rob Cook lost to Richard Ackland 2/1

Final (36 Holes)

Jon Coleman v Richard Ackland

B Team 2nd Round Results

Perranporth 2 Carlyon Bay 1

Tehidy Park 1 Trevose 2

St Enodoc 2 Mullion 1

West Cornwall 2 Truro 1

County Championship – Day 4

ROUND 1 Results

A Macgregor bt B Green 4/3

H Ferreria lost to P Weaver 3/2

A Stephens lost to P Darlington 5/4

J Clancy bt A Boyd 6/4

J Coleman bt J Tremain 6/5

N Gammon bt L Stevens 2/1

G Jedwab lost to D Ivall 2/1

R Macgregor lost to I Veale 1hole

S Knowles lost to C Runnalls 2/1

M Ellis lost to R Cook 2/1

S Davis lost to P Simmons 1hole

A Nash lost to R Simmons 4/3

J Cruse lost to A Lieske 19th

R Ackland beat D Tully 4/2

J Greenaway lost to S Cullen 5/4

M Kimpton lost to M Reynard 5/4

ROUND 2 Results

A Macgregor lost to P Weaver 1up

P Darlington bt J Clancy 4/3

J Coleman bt N Gammon 4/3

D Ivall lost to I Veale 5/4

C Runnalls lost to R Cook 4/2

P Simmons lost to R Simmons 2/1

A Lieske lost to R Ackland 4/3

S Cullen bt M Reynard 2/1

Quarter Final Draw

Phil Weaver V Peter Darlington

Jon Coleman V Ian Veale

Rob Cook V Richard Simmons

Richard Ackland V Sam Cullen

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