County Championship – Day 4

ROUND 1 Results

A Macgregor bt B Green 4/3

H Ferreria lost to P Weaver 3/2

A Stephens lost to P Darlington 5/4

J Clancy bt A Boyd 6/4

J Coleman bt J Tremain 6/5

N Gammon bt L Stevens 2/1

G Jedwab lost to D Ivall 2/1

R Macgregor lost to I Veale 1hole

S Knowles lost to C Runnalls 2/1

M Ellis lost to R Cook 2/1

S Davis lost to P Simmons 1hole

A Nash lost to R Simmons 4/3

J Cruse lost to A Lieske 19th

R Ackland beat D Tully 4/2

J Greenaway lost to S Cullen 5/4

M Kimpton lost to M Reynard 5/4

ROUND 2 Results

A Macgregor lost to P Weaver 1up

P Darlington bt J Clancy 4/3

J Coleman bt N Gammon 4/3

D Ivall lost to I Veale 5/4

C Runnalls lost to R Cook 4/2

P Simmons lost to R Simmons 2/1

A Lieske lost to R Ackland 4/3

S Cullen bt M Reynard 2/1

Quarter Final Draw

Phil Weaver V Peter Darlington

Jon Coleman V Ian Veale

Rob Cook V Richard Simmons

Richard Ackland V Sam Cullen