HSBC Wee Wonders

A Wee Wonder!
Tom Chapman did the Club proud on Sunday 29th June at the Farrington Gurney Golf Club, Nr. Bristol.  He was in the Area Finals of the HSBC Wee Wonders National Tournament (see previous entry – 29 May) and came 3rd out of a field of over 20 players in his age group (9/10 y.o.).  

Reports suggest he played extremely well and putted out on the 9th hole for his 36 shots – the winner and 2nd in the group managed to drive from the 10th.  Only the first two go to St Andrews for the Grand Final later in the year but Tom will have another chance in the same age group in 2009.  

An observer at the tournament commented on both the professional way in which he managed his golf around a difficult course and the well mannered way in which he treated his co-players.  

Well done Tom!