New to Golf


Frequently asked Questions 

with Club Professional Jonathan Lamb

  • Where do I go for my Lesson when I reach the Club?
  • What shall I wear?
  • Can I borrow equipment?
  • How many lessons do you think I will need to take?
  • How long before I can play on the course?
  • How do I become a member of the club?

Where do I go for my Lesson when I reach the club

We advise that all new golfers arrive at Tehidy about 15 minutes before their lesson is due to begin. The Pro Shop is positioned at the front of the main Clubhouse. Register with one of the Pro Shop staff and they will advise you where the Practice Ground is located for your lesson.

What shall I Wear?  Can I borrow equipment?                                                                    

 Equipment can be provided if necessary. It is advised to wear comfortable (smart) clothing and a pair of outdoor leisure shoes with a good grip.

How many lessons do you think I will need to take?
Individual lessons are best booked in 40 minute slots and ideally spaced out no more than 7 days apart. Taking the lessons on a regular basis is particularly good for beginners as they don’t have the experience to practise effectively on their own.
Generally, after six lessons taken over 4-6 weeks a new golfer has practised the fundamentals required to play on a golf course. This would include set-up and swing and short game including chipping, pitching, bunker play and putting.

How long before I can play on the course?
I encourage my pupils to get out and play even just a few holes as soon as possible. It’s important to experience the course to understand the joy of playing the game rather than just trying to improve the swing and hitting balls on a practice ground.
A blend of ‘Lessons Practice & Play’ is the ideal formula to take your game to the next level.

For further information contact…

Pro Shop: 01209 842914


How do I become a member of the club?

Now that you’ve taken some lessons and started playing, perhaps at the local ‘Play and Play’ you might want to consider becoming a member of Tehidy Park Golf Club. We welcome new members here at Tehidy and the team at the club will make your transition to membership as smooth as possible.

Joining the golf club will make it easier to meet new people to play with. You will find plenty of fellow members you will feel comfortable with and who play at a time and level that suits your lifestyle and experience. Tehidy has thriving friendly membership made up of the following sections Men, Ladies, Seniors and Juniors who organise and run competitions, teams and social golf.
The handicap system in golf allows players of any age, experience or skill to play together and enjoy a competitive game.
There’s no better way to make friends in the sport than getting involved in the social life of the golf club. If you are new to the area or wanting to make a fresh start, you’ll find Tehidy Park Golf Club welcoming and full of potential new friendships. We have a busy social scene with quizzes, event nights and Captain’s Roll Ups in the summer as well as Mixed Golf competitions throughout the year.
For more information about membership at Tehidy Park Golf Club please contact the Club Secretary
Tel: 01209 842208